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The BeyondLMTS Journey
BeyondLMTS began from a game of fetch that went haywire. After noticing our dog had a limp that wouldn’t quit, we bypassed pharmaceuticals to give CBD a shot. The rest, as they say, is history.

We’re hikers, climbers, SUP-enthusiasts, and dog lovers passionate about helping you do what you love, longer and more often. BeyondLMTS believes that high-quality CBD is crucial to maintaining the stoke and elevating your game. Whether you identify as an ultra-athlete or new recreationalist, savor every good day with high-quality CBD that eases anxiety and chills the body (no THC necessary).

Our Mission?

Our Mission is to provide High-quality CBD that supports your activity, nurtures your muscles & uplifts your spirit. Our Latino family business is small but mighty. We treat CBD like the super-powered natural medicine it is. Each of our tinctures, soft gels, gummies, and muscle rubs derive from THC-free, hemp-derived CBD. Pure and refined, the way it's supposed to be. In relentless pursuit of quality and products that work as hard as you do, we seek perfection in each stage. 

From source to package, we take care of the finer details so you have an experience worth remembering. BeyondLMTS gummies, oils, and muscle rubs all have one goal: to support your lifestyle through whole plant-extracts. No matter your needs, elevate your active lifestyle with CBD for pain relief, focus, energy, and quality sleep.

Move your body with confidence, knowing you have support to go beyond your limits. Let us make your pursuits that much more unforgettable with CBD infusions designed to elevate your active lifestyle.

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What Our Clients Are Saying
Online health and fitness coach gets focused with BeyondLMTS premium CBD softgels.
Still playing and enjoying hockey and golf at 63-years-old with the help of BeyondLMTS premium CBD.
This mother of 2 finds relief from neck and back pain and gets a boost of energy with BeyondLMTS premium CBD.

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CBD 101: What is CBD? A Quick Guide
CBD, short for cannabidiol is part of a larger complex system of canibinoids & compounds in the hemp plant which have been shown to have an array of effects on our body's endocanibinoid system. Our body naturally occuring receptors and compounds that instinctively and automatically communicate with the compounds in hemp. CBD extracted from hemp contains .3% or less THC (the compound that gives you a "high"). CBD has been used for thousands of years in many culutures as part of a wellnes routine.